Maximizer ® 97MM Water Softener

Maximize your money, time, and space with the most advanced, compact water treatment system offered by Hague Water.

The Model 97 offers a minimal footprint with maximum water quality. Featuring a color smart touch controller, single cabinet design, and an easy to fill brine tank.

A combination water filter and water softener, the Maximizer solves a multitude of water problems with one system. The system's technology eliminates "bleed through" issues often found in conventional water systems, which cause problems like spotting on glassware.

Water Softeners - Maximizer

Maximizer Benefits

Cleaner dishes, brighter laundry and softer skin are just a few of the many benefits Maximizer users enjoy. The soft water supplied by the Maximizer helps to keep appliances running longer and water pipes cleaner. This means you will use less energy and save money on repair bills.