HomeGUARD ® Water Softener

Small enough to fit in areas with limited space such as boats, RVs, condos, and apartments, this softener is a tiny, low-maintenance powerhouse.

Save time and money with built-in salt and water-saving technology. A patented packed mineral bed eliminates the need for a second tank. A mere 21½ inches high, 18½ inches deep and 11½ inches wide, the Hague HomeGUARD is a small but powerful system that is compact enough to fit in a kitchen cabinet yet capable of providing homeowners with maximum protection against hard water problems.

Water Softeners - HomeGUARD

HomeGUARD Advantages

HomeGUARD is designed with the same system controller technology used on the full size WaterMax water softener. It has a whole-house, built-in, self-cleaning filter that eliminates the need for an in-line filter. A bypass valve comes installed and provides for easy disconnection from a summer cabin or recreational vehicle. Since the cartridge never needs to be changed, there is no maintenance, making the HomeGUARD a great choice for people-on-the-go.