Pure water is the base of health

we ensure your drinking water is without harmful substances

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Starter Package

For as low as $4.95 per month, will provide you with the tools necessary to have premium filtered water on location.

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Environmental Benifits

Become a Green Household, Reduce Packaging Waste, Save Time & Money, Use your treated water to make fresh, Biodegardable Products on an as needed basis.

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Bio Friendly Products

Biodegradable Waste, No Animal Testing, Recyclable Container, Concetrate, Sustainable Resources, Made in USA

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Receive information from our Sales & Support departments! Call Now for a FREE in Home Demonstration & Estimate!

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why choose us

L.A. Purification Products, Inc. uses Hague Reverse Osmosis because we want our customers to have the very best!

Exclusive distributors for Hague Quality Water. Water is the universal solvent, absorbing a little of almost everything it makes contact with. Unfortunately, this results in several issues that can be detrimental to the homes and health of those in Southern California. L.A. Purification Products, Inc. is your One Stop Shop for all your Water Purification needs.

SERVICES AS EASY AS 1... 2... 3...

Exclusive SoCal Distrubutor of Hague Quality Water

Water Testing

Water testing is essential to determining if any contaminants exist in your water, so the best water treatment solution can be recommended for your water quality concerns.

The Basic water test is FREE, and is completed onsite. This basic water test will discover all of the most common water quality problems.